Weather command

At the moment I have !weather as
$(weather location )

Weather for location: Conditions are Cloudy with a temperature of 83F (28C). The wind is blowing from the WSW at 9mph (14km/h) and the current humidity is 76%.

Is there a way to change the message location to say “Local Weather/ local weather is:”?

Whilst I fairly certain you can’t do that with just weather you can probably do it like this:

$(eval `$(weather Florida)`.replace(`Weather for Florida:`,`Local Weather`))
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Thank u so much!! What do u think I can do to remove “The wind is blowing from the WSW at 9mph (14km/h) and the current humidity is 92%.”

I’m fairly certain this will work though I don’t know all the outputs but lemme know if it returns an error at any point:

$(eval `$(weather Florida)`.replace(`Weather for Florida:`,`Local Weather`).slice(`. `)[0]+`.`)

Unfortunately it returns with


Sorry bout that I tested it and was getting null try this:

$(eval a=`$(weather Florida)`.replace(`Weather for Florida:`,`Local Weather`).split(`.`)[0]+`.`;a)

If your still getting L. Can you show me your command code?

Unfortunately it returns with L. The command code is just $(weather Florida) which is just from a random public API I believe

Im sorry about that it was my mistake I put .slice() instead of .split() I edited the command above it should work now.

Thank u so much ur a legend :gift_heart:

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