Weather command outputting wrong city name

The city name is spelled wrong in the output of the weather command. It outputs Jin’an when it should be Ji’Nan or simply Jinan.


There is nothing that can really be done I’m not sure what api night uses for the weather the only thing I could suggest to you is to find your own weather api. Sorry I couldn’t help more.

I looked into that already, and unfortunately it is way above my skill and knowledge. Also I don’t have access to the streamer’s nightbot, I can only use the chat to edit so the use of intricate commands is unavailable for me. Thanks for the quick reply, Cheers

Hey @Taylor!

Yup, looks like there’s an issue with the API under the hood, however a temporary fix could be:

!editcom !weather $(eval `$(weather Ji'Nan China)`.replace(/jin'an/gi, `Ji'Nan`))

That’s awesome! I believe I tracked down the devs in control of the API and sent a ticket to fix it also. This is really cool! I really should learn how to do things like this, its like crazy problem solving


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