Watching previous broadcasts shrinks video size

I saw there was another topic on this as well about tiny video size, but there were no answers on how to fix it. Whenever i try watching previous broadcasts the video size is extremely small. This does not happen with live broadcasts. I tried clearing cookies from twitch and it didn’t work.

Any help would be appreciated, the add on is fantastic.


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Hey Nyx,

I can’t reproduce this issue whatsoever but someone will take a look into it.

Vaughn Whiskey

What other extensions do you have installed? Have you tried disabling all of them (except BetterTTV) and refreshing the page? I cannot reproduce this.

i have this exact same problem but i have dual screens if i try with my main screen the video is tiny (very wide but short video player that shrinks the video) but if it put it on my 2nd screen with a lower rez it looks fine here is an image of both screens for reference

Alright, well this isn’t a BetterTTV problem. The Twitch page is broken, which is causing BetterTTV’s resize function to improperly size the player. If you look below the player, you can see the embed dropdown and the settings dropdown menus are open by default. They should not be showing. This happens even on default Twitch, making it a Twitch bug.

Menus being open by default should optimistically be resolved sometime next week.

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