Warzone Custom API

Hello! I wanted to know if it is possible that they only show the Battle Royale statistics and not plunder in the !stats command.

I use:

!addcom !stats -a=_stats $(eval `$(querystring)`.toLowerCase().replace(`%20`,`/`))

!addcom _stats $(eval s=$(urlfetch json https://api.tracker.gg/api/v2/warzone/standard/profile/$(query)).data.segments[0].stats; r=s.kdRatio.value; k=s.kills.value; d=s.deaths.value; w=s.wins.value; `Wins: ${w} | Kills: ${k} | Deaths: ${d} | Kills/Deaths Ratio: ${r}`)

Hey @Woody_Atrapads!

Please see:

I do not understand well, could you give me the command back? <3

If you want the warzone lifetime overview data of your profile keep using segments[0] , if you want only the battle royale data use segments[1] , and if you want only the DMZ/Plunder data use segments[2] .

Edit your second command, use segments[1] instead of segments[0].

Thanks you Emily <3 <3 <3

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