Warzone custom API command


I have seen a command from a streamer who does for exampe:
!lookup (activison name)
And then NightBot gives a command with the latest stats.
I found some topics but they are all outdated. Is there still something like this or does it nor work anymore?


Hey @Kevin_NLPG!

So far all the Warzone commands we came up with in the past don’t work anymore because the website used closed their API to Nightbot, unless you find another API that is open, we can’t set up a working command.

Damn that is annoying that they closed it down! Is that only for NightBot or for other bots aswell?

I’m not sure, I can’t answer that question, I haven’t tested it, although if it isn’t it’s just a matter of time before the website blocks the other bots as well.

Thanks for your quick respons really appreciate it! Hate it that they did that because in my own eyes it is a really good thing for streamers.


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