Viewers song requests not showing in queue

viewers song request dont show up in the que not sure why any help appreciated

Hi, does this help you?

( I’m typing this to get past the character limit :sweat_smile: )

I’ve checked that it is disabled like if I put !sr and do a song it works but if someone in chat tries it does not work I’m so confused thanks for your help though appreciate it😩

Also check what user-level the commands are set to

It is set to everyone so non viewers mods etc can request as well maybe I need to try and reset my whole nightbot somehow

Hey @osoflairy!

If you need further help, provide screenshots, we can’t help blindfolded.

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!sr does work according to your screenshot, you probably spam it too fast so it ignores most of your messages.
!songrequest isn’t a command unless you made a custom one, !songs request is.

I meant screenshots of your settings according to the answer I linked previously.

Correct it works for me but not viewers I can request them but viewers can’t will send pics of the settings now

Unless you want to confine people to using the Monstercat playlist, then I would suggest either unchecking Limit to Playlist and/or switching the Playlist to Channel.

What about the settings of !songs in the default commands?

And how full is your songs request queue already?

The song request list is empty apart from when I request some as no one else can right now and perfect I’ve changed those settings you recommended

The command !songs was set to owner so I think that might be why which I didn’t actually realise I’ve just changed it to everyone now

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Yup, that should fix your issues.

Perfect thank you it’s all fixed thank you

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