Viewer Song Request Trouble


So I’ve been using Night Bot for close to a year now without any problems, and I have been loving the integrations and overall usefulness of the app.

Recently, I ran into a problem with AutoDJ causing viewers to be unable to request songs with a provided link, usually in the format of “!sr YouTubeURL” or “!sr artist title.” Viewers who requested songs with a link would have their link changed into three asterisks (!sr ***). Night Bot would then search YouTube for the top result for " *** ". This usually ends with something rather explicit being added to my song queue. This leads to viewers saying "that’s not what I requested and me having to explain that links are broken and try using “!sr artist title” instead. Anyone that I denote as a moderator in my Twitch chat is able to request songs using links or the artist and title, but my viewers cannot use links to request specific songs.

I had not changed any of my settings before this started occurring, and it seemed to happen out of nowhere. I looked through all of my settings for AutoDJ and made sure that all the parameters were correctly filled out, but it has made no difference. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled the latest version of Night Bot, but that has not fixed the issue either.

As a musician, song requests are an integral part of my streams and having this issue has slowed down requesting by quite a bit. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated!

-Jacob E.

The *** is usually from Twitch converting words that your blacklist contains. You can change your blacklist here.

Thank you Aaron. I had no idea that my twitch settings could interfere with Night Bot, but that makes perfect sense!

One look through those settings corrected the issue for me. Case closed.

Thank you so much!

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