View Deathcounter without changing the $(count)

I’m fairly new to Nightbot (only a few weeks of use) and I’m trying to create a death counter just like everybody else. I’ve done some research, but the one post everybody points to: Some sort of counter to track deaths that viewers can view but not change and maybe a way to reset does not actually answer it’s own question.

This command: !commands add !deaths The Current Death Count is:
Would simply result in: "The Current Death Count is:"
I would like to know/understand what comes after the colon.

I have the following commands currently:

!deaths+ $(count)
!setdeaths edit !deaths+ -c=$(1)

!deaths+ allows a mod to add 1 to the death counter
!setdeaths allows a mod to set the deaths value to any number.

What I would like is a !deaths command for users to call to view the death counter without actually changing it.

I’ve updated the post you linked to use Nightbot v4 features. It will be able to solve your issue.

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