Vanish command cannot be edited / removed / disabled

Yo, having an issue in a channel I mod, the chat got out of control and found the !vanish command. Which is causing Nightbot to instantly delete the message.
When chat found this EVERYONE started spamming garbage and getting Nightbot to instantly delete it.

Attempted to edit the command, but Nightbot couldn’t find the command, was nowhere to be found. Added a command with an identical !vanish command to cause a conflict but that didn’t stop it. It just ignored the command and continued to just delete created messages containing it…

It’s getting to the point we might need to disable Nightbot to get it under control.
Any help on disabling the !vanish command?

Hey @finxomally!

The !vanish command isn’t really a command, it simply is a keyword you put in your Spam Protection’s Blacklist Words, if you want to remove it, simply remove !vanish from the blacklist.

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