User level in respect to youtube

Hi, anyone can explain the user level as respect to yotube?

What is the difference between vip and subscriber in youtube terms?

These are the userlevels supported by Nightbot (at time of posting):

  • admin - Nightbot Administrator
  • owner - Channel Owner/Manager
  • moderator - Channel Moderator
  • twitch_vip - Twitch VIP (only for Twitch accounts)
  • regular - Nightbot Regular (users in the regulars list)
  • subscriber - Paid Channel Subscriber (called “Channel Members” on YouTube)
  • everyone - Normal User (default)

Thanks. For the reply. So is there a userlevel for subscriber(non members) only or anyway i can pull out the subscriber list from youtube and put it into a regular automatically

There is not a way to do that at this time, sorry.

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