User input reminder

I was wondering how I would make a command to take a user input and display it as a reminder in chat


Assuming you’re looking for a timed delay in Nightbot’s response, perhaps you should look into using timers instead of commands to post reminders in chat.

Hey @klundy!

I would use the timers along with ehsankia’s quote system.

Here’s !newreminder, the mod-only command to add a new reminder:

!addcom -ul=mod !newreminder $(eval a=`$(urlfetch$(querystring))`;`The new reminder has been set to: $(query)`;)

Usage: !newreminder [new reminder]
I highly recommend to add this command through the dashboard, so get rid of !addcom -ul=mod !newreminder, so you don’t display your PRIVATE_TOKEN in chat.

And in the timers’ page I would set one timer’s message this way:


Configure the rest of the timer how you’d like it to be.

What I suggested will get the last entered reminder to be displayed by the timer at the interval you configured it to be.

In case you’d like a !reminder command instead, do it this way:

!addcom -cd=5 !reminder $(urlfetch

To get your PUBLIC and PRIVATE tokens, head to ehsankia’s quote system and click on the second link in the post. The PUBLIC_TOKEN is 8 characters long and is located within the first generated link. The PRIVATE_TOKEN is 16 characters long and is located within both the second and third generated links. The tokens are found after token= and before &data=$(querystring)
Don’t share your PRIVATE_TOKEN anywhere, and keep both token somewhere safe so you can find them again in case you remove them from your commands by mistake.

Hope this helps!

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