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Useful Custom APIs


Kinda random but your one post about !howlong formats, i was wondering if you could add one that had year and months. Like &format=yearmonth (X has been following Y for 2 years, 9 months).

Thank you!


i`ll need to get an api for how long person has been following channel… or how long this person was subscribed, is it possible to make somehow


I found an alternate API site:


I am currently trying to add a command that tells the user that typed in the command since when their account was made I am using an API from the original post[0]'s+account+has+existed+for+[1])

and to make the command I put

!addcom !created $(touser) created their account on $(customapi[0]'s+account+has+existed+for+[1])

Im not sure what to put for CHANNEL since I am attempting to direct it to whomever typed the !created command so I replaced it with (touser) and $(touser) but it keeps saying “USER has created their account on Error Connecting To Remote Server”

Is there a newer version of the API I’m trying to use, typo, or I just don’t know what I’m doing

Any help would be appreciated


Never mind i have just learned that $(customapi) is now $(urlfetch) and was able to create a command that tells how long the account has been made for without using an api in a format such as “1 year 1 month 1 week 1 minute 1 second” if anybody wants to know the code for the command its

!addcom !created $(twitch $(touser ) “{{displayName}} was created {{createdLength}} ago”)

Im still working on how long someone has been following the specified channel for in the same format as the above instead of a date


nice, i was looking for that command to check how long an user exist!

for followage i’m using this: !howlong has suddenly stop working!


Would anyone have or be able to create a custom API for returning the quote of the day text from a website? Thanks!


So my commands aren’t working anymore. The randomizer is just showing an error. Is there a way to fix it? Here’s a couple of the commands that were working but aren’t anymore.

$(user) challenges $(touser) to a pokemon battle! $(urlfetch[0]&choices=$(user),$(touser)) is the victor!

$(touser) now wields the $(urlfetch[0]&choices=Kingdom Key,Oathkeeper,Oblivion,Ultima Weapon,Keyblade of People’s Hearts,Lady Luck,Olympia, Jungle King,Three Wishes,Pumpkinhead,Wishing Star,Crabclaw,Fairy Harp,Divine Rose,Spellbinder,Metal Chocobo,Lionhearted,Diamond Dust,One-Winged Angel,Soul Eater,Bond of Flame,Follow the Wind,Hidden Dragon,Monochrome,Photon Debugger,Star Seeker,Maverick Flare,Total Eclipse,Midnight Roar,Two Become One,Star Seeker)!


The Rtainc APIs are not working anymore, if you scroll up in this thread you’ll see alternatives for the random command:


So this eval isn’t working ether…


Its working fine, what kind of command do you need?


Anyone have a Returns the channel’s follower count. api?


Try this

$(twitch YOUR_NAME "{{displayName}} has {{followers}} followers")

Replace “YOUR_NAME” with your twitch channel of course.


Appreciate my dude it worked just fine


When i try to use the token link gives me a page not found error.


Yes, this customapi has been down for a while and it doesn’t look like it will be coming back. If you state what you are trying to solve many other people have made customapi’s to replace these ones though.


Oh well shoot, I was trying to have the Total Sub count command. If anybody has a nice one that would be amazing.


Nightbot already has a way to access the twitch subcount using the $(twitch) variable, the docs are here:


Thank you, I tried using that command line but kept getting “Only the current channel’s subscribers count can be checked.” in response.


Yes… you can’t check the subscriber count of other channels.