Use an emote to trigger a command in Discord

I am trying to create a basic counter command in Discord that is triggered whenever someone uses a specific emote.

discord emote being used - :yell:
current command - :yell:
intended command return - $(touser) has yelled $(count) times!

When I type in :yell: I see the intended emote and no command return. Is what I’m trying to do even possible? Is there another way to do this?

Hey @heres_casper!

Nightbot isn’t built with Discord in mind, the only support NightDev guarantees is with the roles sync.

But I’ll help you with that one; basically, to know exactly what to use to trigger the command, you need to type the emote, and once it appears in your text box, put a backslash (\) before it, send the message, and then you’ll see what bots see, copy that and use it as the trigger.

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