Сurrency exchange team € $ £

Hello! Help, please, create a team of exchange rates! For example: !exchangerate USD or !exchangerate EUR is the value of “Value” from any of these links:


I can not do it!(( Thank!


Copy and paste this into chat:

!addcom -cd=5 !exchangerate $(eval a=JSON.parse(`$(urlfetch json https://www.cbr-xml-daily.ru/daily_json.js)`);b=decodeURIComponent(`$(querystring)`).toUpperCase();try{c=a.Valute[b].Value;`Exchange rate for `+b+`: `+c;}catch(e){`Enter a valid currency name!`;})

!exchangerate [currency name]

!exchangerate USD

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OMG !!! Thank you very much! Works great! You are the best!

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