UrlFetch to change variables during a livestream race!

Hi everyone,
Asking here the help of you most experient gurus, about creating a urlfetch that would change the driver / car camera during a livestream by a user command in the live chat!?
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Hiya, yeah can’t really give much input here alot of missing info. But yeah, from your chat Nightbot can send a request to your server with UrlFetch. Then your server should determine which request belongs to which camera and do the switch.

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Thanks very much for the reply @xgerhard
What sort of info would be required for any help in setting this up? The simulator is Assetto Corsa, running in a public dedicated server.

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Mmm yeah it’s a bit ouside of the Nightbot support scope, It’s hard for me to say if it will or wont work, I’m just pointing to certain directions which you can check.
You’re hosting the game on that server, but do you have access to all the camera feeds there? I assume it’s just players playing from their own pc what pov you want to show.

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Well yes, everyone is racing from their homes, however we (staff) of the community are encharged of all the Races LiveStream, therefore I think this is doable!
I’ve seen this done at he place: Sim Racing System. If you see a video of them, they use this functionality


Our lives streams are set to transition automatic the car cameras, as the example above.

To echo gerhard’s response, you would need someone on your team to make a custom integration using urlfetch.

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