$(urlfetch) on SpamProtection custom messages


I’ve seen that it’s possible to create a custom URL Fetch for quotes for example but I intent to use a quote like system for the Spam Protection so instead of Duke Nukem quotes it uses my own.

The coding on my end I can handle, and I know that I only need to use
$(urlfetch https://myhost.com/nbq.php?someargs=spamprotection) (obviously this is an example)

I just want to make sure that the custom message sent by Nightbot Spam Protection function can handle this query.

Thanks in advance

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Sadly we don’t allow a custom list to replace the spam protection responses. We only currently allow the single line per type of protection.

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I understand not wanting other args but being able to get the urlfetch working would be nice, so I’m leaving this a feature request if you do accept it.

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