Url fetch receiving errors connecting to server?

I’m receiving errors when using url fetch commands in twitch chat? Anyone know how to fix. It was working last week I believe.



Hello, what error you seeing?
Most common error: Error Connecting To Remote Server usually means that the url in your url fetch variable is not being loaded/down (or not fast enough).

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Currently I just have a PHP script to parse the data. Does the output have to be in txt, or html or json? I saw one streamer getting and url and it returns a twitch.center quote and token url and it works? I need to pass a variable to my script then return plain text.

Your response from your script should be plain text.
You can pass through variables in the url, for example https://yourdomain.com/script.php?query=$(querystring)
You can also have a look at the request headers, to see the user/channel, for more info see: https://docs.nightbot.tv/commands/variables/urlfetch

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