Unsure what is messing up myd command

Do emotes mess commands up? I obviously want each of those choices as a random response each time someone types !myd in chat. I’d like it to say (username) your D is (and then one of the random options). not quite sure how to configure the rest though

Here is the command:
!commands add !myd $(user) $(eval a=[0.1 inches in length LUL., 2 inches in length LUL., 3 inches in length LUL., 4 inches in length., 5 inches in length., 6 inches in length., 7 inches in length., 8 inches in length., 9 inches in length PogChamp.,10 inches in length PogChamp., 11 inches in length PogChamp.,1 inches in length LUL., 12 inches in length PogChamp., oops we can’t seem to find your D LUL, ope, it appears your balls are longer than your D LUL];a[Math.floor(Math.random() * a.length)])

Hiya, so whats going on, are you getting errors or…? Looks like this is over (or close to) the character limit that Nightbot supports for the message, might want to try out storing your random options to for example pastebin.

See an example here: Help Randomizing Nightbot Reply in YouTube

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