Unlisted videos refused as "cannot be embedded" in song request?

I’ve triple checked this video I’ve uploaded and it can be embedded.
I tried embedding it and it works just fine. It’s just unlisted though.

But when I try to song request the track, nightbot throws a “cannot be embedded” error.
I’ve tried a couple and they all have the same issue. If you need one to test, try out this one: ?v=29_ktFSGeF0

If the uploader of a video chose not to make it public, we honor that when people request to play it. If the author wanted it to be public, then they would have toggled it to be.

There’s a clear difference between Private and Unlisted.

Unlisted is used, in my mind, when you want to upload a video but don’t want it on your profile.
I have a specific kind of videos on my profile, and a specific kind of followers on Youtube,
and I don’t want to spam their feed with songs I upload for song request, most of which are
random remixes I made of the specific streamer as a joke.

But if that’s not enough to change your mind, that’s fair enough, thank you for the explanation.

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