Unexpected Token '{'

Hello guys,

I tryed out some coding with the nightbot. But iam struggle at the moment because I have no idea how to solve it.

I breakdown this script to this short test code:
The command looks like:
!setnumber usernum
For example:
!setnumber 2

And i wanna trigger test2 but he calls me unexpected token ‘{’

$(eval var usernum = “$(1)”;
If (usernum == “1”) {“test1”}
Else if (usernum == “2”) {test2}
Else if (usernum == “3”) {test3}
Else {Error})

I try something different but there is the same error. What do iam wrong?

(I also try for $(1) this $(query) but nothing changed. And it’s important for me to do $(1) because I want to add there later more input variables for $(2) $(3) and so on.

This should work:

$(eval N=`$(1)`;if(N==`1`){`test1`}else if(N==`2`){`test2`}else if(N==`3`){`test3`}else{`Error`})

This works fine, Thank you very much =)

Hey iam struggle now at the last point of integration. I think about the creation of this command with a command in chat. Is this the way to get this working? Or I forgot something?

$(eval N=$(1);if(N==1){'edit !multilink Aktueller Multi-Stream Link: http://multitwitch.tv/$(channel)/$(2)}else if(N==2){edit !multilink Aktueller Multi-Stream Link: http://multitwitch.tv/$(channel)/$(2)/$(3)}else if(N==3){edit !multilink Aktueller Multi-Stream Link: http://multitwitch.tv/$(channel)/$(2)/$(3)/$(4)}else{Error`})

If I try the command he says me this:

Invalid parameter specified. Possible parameters: add/delete/edit

I think there is no link between the edit parameter and the !commands.
But !commands is listed in alias

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Apologies for the delay in response. Unfortunately you cannot trigger eval before aliases. Data passed in the “message” field is passed as arguments to the alias.

In other words:

  • You have a command !test with !testalias as the alias and some data as the message.
  • You use the command !test
  • !testalias is called internally as !testalias some data