Undocumented deprecated commands should be completely removed

Hey there Nightbot devs,

Nightbot “beta” has been around for over 3 years now, while it’s not really a “beta” anymore since it’s in a pretty stable state even though the URL still redirects to beta.nightbot.tv, some deprecated commands from the old version of Nightbot from over 3 years ago still exists (e.g. !addcom, !editcom, !delcom, etc), despite the fact that the Nightbot Docs has never documented anything about those commands.

So, I think those obsolete commands should be completely removed from Nightbot to reduce confusion. On another note, for those that uses PhantomBot and Nightbot simultaneously, those obsolete commands like !addcom, !editcom and !delcom can cause double firing on both bots since PhantomBot uses those commands as well and cannot be changed, which makes it really annoying when a command is being added on both bots when using the deprecated !addcom command.

Enforcing people to use the new and documented !commands add|edit|delete is a good habit, rather than having those deprecated commands staying in the bot forever.

I am just giving my two cents about my opinion on the deprecated commands, whether they’ll be removed or not is up to the devs, but personally, I really think they should not stay.

Thank you for your time.

The old commands are simply unofficial aliases for the full command name. Many people still use them because they are shorter to write, one word without spaces, and are a bit more memorable. They are legacy from older versions of nightbot, but they cannot simply be removed without messing with people.

Removing them would break any commands that alias them. It is very common to alias something like !editcom instead of !commands edit (partially because you can put just !editcom in the alias field, instead of putting edit in the message field. I can only see them being removed when Nightbot v4 leaves beta (which, it’s been 3 years because Night has a day job and the features aren’t in complete parity with v3)

However, i don’t see how they can cause confusion. They are a standard from original nightbot, almost everyone knows them and for those who don’t they are undocumented and the main !commands method still works. It’s an immediately obviously understood alias and i haven’t heard people being confused by them (that wasn’t caused by other bots, which is generally unsupported).

As for bots conflicting with commands, that has always been an issue since the dawn of twitch bots, it is just as much on PhantomBot as it is on Nightbot. You can disable the Nightbot commands for moderators by simply adding custom commands of that name and setting the userlevel to owner. This doesn’t fix the owner making the mistake though.

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