Unable to Login with YouTube Account

Hey, so, maybe I just missed something, but I don’t believe I seen any posts about this issue?
I’ve set up Nightbot just fine via Twitch, but I want to connect it to my YouTube channel as well. When I go to login via Youtube, I choose my account, click allow, and then I am sent back to the login screen. If it helps any, the URL for the login screen changes to "https://nightbot.tv/login?error=YouTube%20returned%20an%20invalid%20response.%20Try%20again%20later."
I’m not sure if something is wrong with my account perhaps? I’ve whitelisted the site with my adblocker as well so I don’t believe that’s the issue. If it matters, I use Opera GX
Any help will be much appreciated!

Hey @little_ly_arts!

Given the error, it seems like it’s an issue on YouTube side, failing to provide an access token, sorry about that, hopefully it should be solved soon.

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