Unable to download Better TTV

I’m trying to download Better Twitch TV, but every time I try, I get “This add-on could not be downloaded because of a connection failure.” This is on the newest version of firefox. I tried turning off my antivirus, I tried adding xpinstall.enabled, set to true, under my advanced settings, and I disabled my adblockers. It still won’t download. What else can I do?

Other people with the same issue were able to solve it by downloading the .xpi (extension file) through another browser.

Go to https://nightdev.com/betterttv/ on some browser that is not Firefox and select the “for another browser” button, then select Mozilla Firefox.

When you have the betterttv.xpi file on your computer, go to the Add-ons Manager(about:addons) in Firefox and either drag/drop the file from explorer or press the cog-wheel in the top-right corner and select Install Add-on from file…


That did the trick. Thank you very much.

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