Unable to create long commands for Youtube

Hi, I have a long command that can fit into the message field when I log in as my Twitch account but is unable to fit into the message field when I log in as my Youtube account. Upon testing I found out it’s probably because Youtube does not allow very long commands, which is probably a hard limitation.

Is there other ways that can make a long command? Such as delegate tasks to many commands, and calling them using one command which chains to other commands? Or does Youtube just doesn’t support very long commands?

I’ve been trying to figure out whether the “alias” function can help me doing the chain, since that looks the most similar to my theory, but I am unable to figure it out. TIA!

yes, alias, is pretty much what u’re describing, however, u can only link one command to a single other command… but it does not give combined output, the output from the first command is input to the second command

Can you give me an example on how to use alias to chain commands in Nightbot dashboard? I went to the documentation but didn’t quite find how alias works.

I’m also thinking: Supposing if I have 3 parts of the command. I link command 1 (get data) to command 2 (format data), then I link command 2 to command 3 (further format data), will executing command 3 give me the data stored in command 1?

no, u would need to trigger the first command for it to send the data on it’s way… also, u can only link 2 commands… i really wish u could do a third, so many commands i could make with a third…

but um… the second command accepts the output from the first command exactly as the first command accepts input from the user… however, u CAN have more than one first command alias into the same second command… but i caution u in doing so, because the second command still has a minimum of a 5 second cooldown and if another first command is triggered before the cooldown on the second command is up, it will fail…

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