Unable to clear Nightbot Song Requests Playlist

Hello, I am once again asking for your help. The Clear Playlist function no longer works. I have already read all of the other related threads and did the troubleshooting. We desperately need a fix, or help from you to clear the list for us, so we can start over. Do not just close the ticket like all the others without a fix. Please help. Even if I manually delete each one, the list repopulates itself like a virus that won’t go away. Please help us with a fix.

Hey @cranial_tv!

Sorry you’re experiencing issues with clearing the playlist.
Have you logged out of the dashboard (option in the menu under your picture in the top right corner), then logged back in, and then tried to clear the playlist?

Thank you for the reply. Yes I have signed out completely multiple times and back in, as well as removed Nightbot from the channel and put it back several times. I have also tried all sorts of other things like manually removing the playlist entries one by one, all once, or even just page by page. I cant find any sprt or workaround. I even tried disabling the account so I could start over. Nothing I tryvis working. I do in fact have the correct Channel playlist selected while doing this. It had work just like a week ago when I cleared the list and added new entries. If you guys can clear everything for me on your end that would be fine too. The playlist keeps repopulating itself with each removal attempt. Thanks

Hmm, that’s odd, I’m not so sure what could be the issue there, I’m thinking maybe it’s the cache, but ultimately I have no idea, I’ll let the devs know.

PS: disabling the account doesn’t work anymore, too many people deleted their account by mistake (go figure) and wanted their account reinstated, there were too many requests, so the functionality is gone.

Hello again, I was finally able to clear the list again tonight when I checked. I’m assuming the devs worked on a fix. Do you know what the issue was or if this will happen again? What was the fix this time? TIA.

Thanks for the good news!
I contacted the devs and no fix were issued, instead they hinted me towards the fact that you might have been clearing the playlist, and not the request playlist (not entirely sure which one is which to be honest, so just clear both in the future).

That’s not at all the case. I was always clearing both, and neither were working. So something changed on your end, and us users need to know what the fix is for the future.

I’m only the messenger, I don’t work on the bot itself, I just provide support where I can as a volunteer.

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