Typing new command in Discord with Emotes

Hey everyone!

In a streamer’s Discord, they use the exact same emotes and naming conventions as they do in the streamer’s Twitch chat. Whenever we (the mods!) try to make a command in Discord via the Nightbot bot that includes one of the channel’s emotes, it outputs weirdly in Twitch chat.

We type out the name of the emote without the colons in Discord, but it will still display as an emote in Discord.

Anybody have a similar issue and know a solution to it? Some might refer me to an older post on this same site, but we have the issue the other way around :slight_smile:

If anyone knows what I am on about and knows a solution, I would love to hear, thank you!

Hiya, I’m not sure if I exactly understand the problem… but Twitch and Discord have different formatting for their emotes, so to have them work on both platforms at the same time you might need some Javascript/$(eval) to check which platform the user is at, and send the correct emote code.

A copy paste example from a similar issue:

$(eval p=`$(provider)`;p==`discord`?`(veetFRICKS discord emote id) are recruiting!`:(p==`twitch`?`veetFRICKS are recruiting!`:` `))

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