Twtich chat colors (availibility, working colors)

Simply said, im using BttV, and at the same time im also a Turbo user for twitch. Usually that would allow me to use a wide choice of chat name colors, but since BttV blocks all the “Hard to see” colors, im stuck with a pale gray or the regular chat colors. I was wondering, if there was a way to make my chat name a darker color (or just enable the blocked colors for me only) since i want to use a dark color as my chat name, but only pale / default ones are availibles

Allowing true darkened colors would cause blending into the dark theme. Making them, as you put it, “Hard to see”. With Turbo you unlock Hex color selection which gives you 16,777,216 colors… However just those that range “to dark” are changed. I’m sure you can find another color…

However if you want it for just yourself, BetterTTV "Free to modify for personal use" on their GitHub Page. Where you can edit it for personal use.

However there are again 16 million colors to pick from minus the darkened ones. I’m sure you can find one.

I do know that there are a lot of colors, but honestly, all the ones i tryed didnt work, since i wanna use a form of gray, i tryed mutliples level of “darkness” but it was always put back to the “default” pale gray, i was mostly wondering if it was possible to get a “color wheel” somewhere with only the availible colors, since unless i pass a couple hours testing every single taint of gray, i wont know wich ones work. (Same going for the other colors). Also on a side note, i have no idea how all the programing behind addons work, so i am NOT touching that.

You can use any color you want with Twitch’s Turbo subscription. Users without our add-on will see your color as you originally chose it, but BetterTTV may change the brightness of your color in order to make it readable for our users. It doesn’t “block” any colors. Since some colors look bad on light backgrounds and vice-versa, we dynamically modify colors with an algorithm that measures what background your chosen color looks best on, and modifies its brightness on an as-needed basis. Unfortunately you cannot disable this functionality, sorry. It doesn’t make much sense to offer the ability to disable it, since all users with BetterTTV would still see your color the way BetterTTV shows it.

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