TwitchCast on Mobile?

I would love it if some day this could be usable on mobile (Start casting to your TV with TwitchCast from a mobile device) as sometimes I am in the room with the TV/Chromecast away from a computer and wanting to cast but have to move around the house everytime I want to change the stream or start a stream.

I like just chilling laying down enjoying the stream & chat on one screen (With glorious BTTV emotes) but hate Twitch’s option of chat on your phone and the stream on your TV so you have to use two separate devices, anyways I am sure I don’t have to explain the pros of it I more just wanted to lay them out just to be sure.

For what it’s worth I totally understand if this feature is not worth the development time or anything as it might not get used a ton (Not enough people seem to know of the glory of TwitchCast) but if there’s any chance it can get made I would absolutely love it so much because as far as I know there’s no way to get this kind of experience started from mobile (A twitch stream cast to your TV with chat + BTTV emotes it’s SO good).

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