Twitchcast Freezes 2

Hello i was streaming bacon_donut and it froze every minute or two and i live in the US and in the room with the routor and it shows me a message saying:

ChromeCast Error: LOAD_CANCELLED

You can close this popup and try to cast again. If it still doesn’t work, then the service is having issues :confused:

Unlike Twitch, we do not have premium bandwidth to our servers. We proxy Twitch’s HLS feeds over budget servers to provide a service to folks free of charge. Unfortunately there’s nothing I can do to make it work for you. It either does or doesn’t…

K thank for trying to help

I would be willing to pay for this service if it was reliable. Is there any possibility of setting up a premium service option?

The problem here is I don’t know the legality of selling access to Twitch content. Not to mention that there would need to be enough demand to warrant the initial cost of the server.

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