TwitchCast doesn't work on Chrome Dev since the Material Design Update of the Cast extention

Since the Chrome/Google Cast extension got updated with the Material UI a couple months ago, both Stable and Beta builds don’t work and can’t load streams.
The “Cast to” pop up doesn’t automatically pop up anymore, and forcing it to load by clicking the extension button and choosing the Chrome/Google Cast only ends up in a black screen in the TV and the browser stuck in the “Step 2/3” dialog box.

Currently using:
Chrome Cast Gen 1 Version 1.19a.63621
Google Cast Stable Version 15.1120.0.4
Google Cast Beta Version 16.406.0.0
Chrome Dev Channel Version 53.0.2783.4 dev-m (64-bit)

Thanks and have a nice day

I think you mean the build-in cast function on chrome instead of the extension?
I am having the same issue, it seems the trigger to step 3 is bugged for the build-in cast.
I found a workaround - simply repeating steps 1 and 2 again and it proceeds to step 3. See if it works for you.

Wow, it actually works, thanks.
And yeah, it seems since Google integrated the built-in casting it got messy. Thanks

It sounds like Google broke it, not us. Since their new SDK documentation is not yet released for browser apps we have no means to update and support it yet.

I figured, thanks for your input.

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