Twitch VIP Role Support

Twitch recently rolled out their improved role system, and with it the new VIP role. Are there any plans to update the Discord integration and/or other Nightbot services to sync VIP roles to a discord server or have VIPs use specific commands?

I added support for VIP commands, but unfortunately Twitch does not have an API to grab VIP users for a channel (nor any in-chat command similar to /mods) so we cannot support syncing to Discord at this time.

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Awesome, loving it! One thought, shouldn’t VIP be above subscribers. VIPs on Twitch’s end pretty much have the benefits of moderators without the control.

Nice, thanks for the update! Is there a request in with Twitch already to expose this via their API or should we create one?

If I set a command to the VIP userlevel, does that allow normal subscribers to also use those commands since they’re at a higher userlevel?

If so, I suppose I can circumvent this by adding all the VIP members as “regulars” on the channel I mod, because we haven’t really used the regulars feature in a long time.

So on a channel I moderate, users who are both VIP and Reg do not have the same permissions as a reg. Regs and subs can use commands that VIPs cant. We’re trying to work around it, but can’t figure out how. I’d rather not have to change the permissions on a couple hundred commands just to fix it. Any ideas?

EDIT: I should mention that the Sub permission seem override the VIP perms, and let them use commands that they should be able to since they are regs, but can’t.

During the Twitch Developer stream this morning I brought up adding VIP support, and several people informed me that a /vips in chat does exist. Could this be used for Discord syncing at all?

VIP is actually seated below the subscribers in the hierarchy, which is why the commands don’t just work.

we are considering moving it based on feedback. if more people chime in that it should be moved I’d feel more comfortable with the change.

yeah, that should work. i’ll look into it when i have some spare time

I also support the train of thought that VIPs should be just above Regulars on the Userlevel list.

It’s good to have a distinction between Subs (which anyone can become) and people that the streamer trusts enough to make a Regular or VIP.

Given that Twitch has created and recognises the VIP role, it would probably be better to have VIPs above Regulars rather than below it. Twitch has also introduced /vips as a command, now.

VIP Role has been moved in hierarchy above Regulars. VIP Role sync has been added to the Discord integration.


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