Twitch subs aren't able to use the channel emotes outside the channel Discord


For some reason for the last few weeks my subs have no longer had access to use my channel’s emotes outside our specific Discord server. They are all set to global on BTTV and I have a pro account. Could anyone give me some idea on how to fix this issue please?

Many thanks

BTTV Emotes are no longer global on discord. This was changed a couple months back, so im not sure why you may have only just noticed.

People are able to use other channels’ sub emotes in my Discord, so I don’t think this answers the issue.

Twitch sub emotes are different to BTTV channel emotes, they are not able to be used globally as Slikrick said. If your Twitch sub emotes are not syncing, you would need to reach out to Discord’s customer service.

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