Twitch Prime custom chat color not working in night mode?

For some reason, when BetterTTV is enabled, my color automatically goes to a bright fuscia in night mode even though it’s perfectly legible (albeit a darker color). When I disable BetterTTV in my browser, then it works just fine. What gives?

You said it yourself, it’s a darker color. BetterTTV automatically color adjusts certain name colors if they are too dark on dark mode or too bright on white mode.

Well, darn. I figured since the Twitch options lets you preview your color over the dark layout before confirming that BetterTTV would allow it. At the very least, the brightened names should be optional. They already have an option for high contrast names for the colorblind. It feels like it doesn’t respect the users’ intelligence enough to at least understand how their own eyes work.

These changes are for the users who have to see these bright colors, not for yourself. Bright colors can make simple names very difficult to read with a small font. Additionally, BetterTTV offers a color blind option to help users read names with difficult colors.

I literally mentioned that in my post.

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