Twitch follower number on specific channels not working

We have a command that shows follower number and current viewers and it recently stopped working.
$(twitch sannihalla "{{displayName}} has {{followers}} followers and {{viewers}} current viewers").
Now the response is:
Nightbot: Unknown Error Occurred. If problem persists, please contact support..
If I replace {{followers}} with another variable like {{title}} it works.
If I replace the channel name with any other, it also works. Only this combination seems to have a problem.
Any ideas?

being that follower information is one of the things twitch changed to where u now need authorization for it, i’d guess that the permissions r messed up somewhere… um… i’d probly start with having samnihalla sign out of nightbot and back in, so that it asks for authorizations… if that doesn’t work my second try would be to cut the connection to twitch and then sign out and in again… after that if it still doesn’t work u need help from somebody smarter XD

Thanks, good call, that worked :+1:

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