Twitch Chat not working

So starting yesterday my twitch chat will not show up unless I have the stream in theater mode. I tried a few different things to fix it, and it seems that it only starts working again when I remove BTTV extension. I don’t want to do this and am wondering if anyone else had this issue and knows how to fix it? Thank you in advance

It’s only the left side chat option that’s doing it. Right side is working fine, so I will leave it like that for now. But I’m still interested if anyone knows why this is happening. :blush:

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Same here. Everything was ok earlier today but I have now the exact same situation described above.

I think it’s due to the last Twitch channels update. It’s still in progress and when you get it… BTTV is f.cked. At least for the left side chat part.

Even though the only thing I’m sure will be said by them is to clear cache and cookies, commenting to keep it alive. Same thing just happened to me about 5 min ago.

This is fixed in version 7.2.79, which is released on all browsers except Chrome (pending review from their team, which can take a couple days).

I have updated to 7.2.79, cleared my cache and cookies, and am still seeing this issue.

HI Devs. Left side chat is not working. It goes to theater mode with no chat.

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Current version install, Left side chat is not working. It goes to theater mode with no chat.

Just to add to this,
I too am using version 7.2.79 on Chrome, and Left side chat is still not showing.
Works ok with right-side, and theatre mode, but not normal left side chat.

Happy to report that left side chat appears to be functionally normal again with 7.2.80 on Firefox.

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As stated above we have released 7.2.80 last week to address the left side chat on the Twitch redesign.