Twitch chat command with response on Discord

I want to have a command that users can use on twitch chat and the bot can make the response on discord too

Hey @Petter005!

This may be what you’re looking into: $(provider).
If not, you need to give us greater details.

im not sure if thats all that it does but if i use the provider it just shows where the command was sent but what i need is that if for example you write “!test hello world” on twitch chat then the bot write in discord “hello world” in a text channel

Then the Discord Integration is what you’re looking for.

I already have discord integration but still dont know how to make the command

Like a regular command, do you need help with that? I recommend reading the documentation.

Basically, once you created your !test command, it’s available to Twitch and Discord.

what i want is the command sent on twitch chat by a viewer and the reply sent on discord from the bot

Ah, for this you can use the DiscordMsg.php API shown here.

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