Turn Off NightBot Features In Specific Channels

Hey guys, is it possible to turn off Night Bot’s link removal feature in specific Discord channels?
e.g.: I have a channel that allows members to share videos & a music bot channel which obviously works with a /play [url] command. Nightbot would remove the URL, which would get very irritating.
I tried removing Nightbot’s admin permissions but that resulted in Nightbot not deleting messages with links.

Cinegez :slight_smile:

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If you want to specify channels to do specific things then nightbot can’t be an admin.

Remove nightbot’s admin priviledges and in the channel where you want nightbot to allow links remove his “manage messages” permission, but give him that permission in other channels. He will still protect spam in those channels, but not in the one where he doesn’t have the ability to do so.

Removing admin permissions result in Nightbot not actually deleting the messages. Doesn’t make sense, but is the case.

Then you don’t have your permissions setup properly. That’s not a case of nightbot functionality, but discord’s at that point.

How could I have done something wrong? I kicked & unlinked (reset) him so many times and it still didn’t work.

Well for one kicking and unlinking is not a step in the process i mentioned… It’s specifically about his discord permissions tied to specific channels and the overall server

Well, then, could you help fixing it?

For the Nightbot server role, disable “Administrator”, enable “Manage Messages”. image

For the channels you don’t want him to delete lines - edit text channel -> add member (Nightbot) -> Disable ability to Manage Messages (Red X) image

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