Trying to pull a list from pastebin based on current game played

I’m very new to complex nightbot commands and I’m having trouble getting something to work that I know SHOULD work. What I want to do is have a !join command that will list the in-game user name based on current game being played.

fortnite: fakename1

Based on cursory research, I know I should be able to have a pastebin set up with the list of games and usernames to add and use it as a JSON to look up the game and print the right username. But I cannot get it to work.

I have gotten $(twitch “{{game}}”) to work to use as the input, but I haven’t been able to incorporate that input into an $(eval) to look up in the pastebin.

Hey @vlamish!

I’ve covered this topic a couple times, the following posts should help you figure it out, but don’t hesitate if you need further help:

You should be able to do a someVar = $(urlfetch json; within the eval, then access the data you need through the someVar variable. The “json” portion of the urlfetch is important, as it parses the resulting message straight to a json object rather than a string, which bypasses the usual 400 character limit.

I’ve seen some of your previous posts on the topic (before I made this post) and tried to incorporate the logic from those, but I think my issue is that I know actual nothing about this. It seems like my current issue is I can define variables, but I don’t know what to do to make it execute. Here’s what I have so far:

$(eval game = ‘$(twitch vlamish {{game}})’; ID = $(urlfetch json https:// pastebin . com/raw/LUeiDFh9); )

the pastebin:
{“Overwatch 2”:“testname1”,
“Apex Legends”:“testname2”,
“World of Warcraft”,“testname3”}

Apologize for having to break the pastebin link, the site wouldn’t let me post with a link. So ideally someone would use the command and when I’m playing overwatch, the output would simply be “testname1”.

I appreciate any help, of course. :slight_smile:

It wont work because you have to tell the JSON in your paste which game to look at, try this:

$(eval const game = '$(twitch $(channel) "{{game}}")'; const json = $(urlfetch json; json[game];)

Don’t forget to replace the paste ID with yours, but no need to replace anything else.

You’ll also need to fix your JSON: after "World of Warcraft" it should be a colon (:), not a comma (,).

Thank you so much! that last “json[game]” part is what I wasn’t aware of. I’ve got it working with the test.

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