Trying to make it so everyone can use my !clipkill command

Hi. I have a command for making clips of my kills and deaths. It overwrites !lastkill or !lastdeath. The problem is only I and moderators are able to use !clipkill command.

Here is the command:

!addcom !clipkill -ul=everyone -a=!editcom !lastkill Clip api link

If someone tries to use !clipkill command, nightbot says → The bot commands for this channel are available at /t/mychannel/commands

What am I doing wrong? Thank you.

Hey @Survi!

!editcom or any other !commands secondary options are moderator-only, therefore only moderators can use these commands, even when used as an alias.

Thank you for the info! I’ve seen this kind of command work for some streamers. Their subscribers can clip with a command and it replaces !lastkill/!lastdeath. Any idea how to do this?

I deleted !editcom from alias, seems to work now!

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