Trying to make custom commands

Hi there, I’m completely new to modding and I’m trying to figure out how commands work.

Where do I type the full command? I’m trying to get a roulette to work I type “!spin” and then a message saying “Hey user, you got no 9 lucky you!” or something along those lines.

I’m trying to find commands to do it but it just keeps linking me to random stuff. I’m so baffled by all of this but I want to learn! :smiley:

Any help is appreciated.

Type this into your chat:

!commands add !spin $(eval number = Math.floor(Math.random() * 37); `Hey user, you got no ${number} lucky you!`)

You can also add the command here:

If you have rules for what makes a number lucky or unlucky, then the command can be edited to change its adjective depending on the number.

Thank you! I’ll give this a go to mess around.

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