Trying to make a custom command to return particular info


I’m trying to make a command that links to the artist whose music I use on my stream so that if someone was to put !wolfgun, it comes up with general info about him and links to his stuff, but I would like it also if someone puts in, for example, !wolfgun The Woods (the name of one of the songs I use), I could make Nightbot return a direct link to the song and/or album on his bandcamp page.

An example of what I’d like it to return is like,
if the user just types !wolfgun, NightBot would return

Wolfgun is a musician of 14 years. His electronic tunes are made by scratching a high density laser across the hull of his space-craft. Check out his stuff by going to or and pay-what-you-want for some fantastic music.

but if they typed !wolfgun the woods, I would like it to return something like

“The Woods” is from the album “PROJECTIONS”, which you can get for pay-what-you-want at

I don’t mind having to put in the extra per-track information myself (because I really only need the per-track details for the songs I use more frequently than the rest of his music, anyway)

Thanks in advanced for your help. :slight_smile:

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