Добавление бота на Trovo

Доброго времени суток , помогите мне добавить бота на Trovo, а точнее как его сделать модератором ? На твич понятно прописываю в чат команду , как это сделать на Trovo ?


We only offer support in English.

And it works the same way as Twitch: /mod Nightbot, read their documentation.

You first have to add it to your channel though, login to the dashboard with your Trovo account.

Yes, great, I went through the trovo, then pressed the button to send the bot to the trovo, but nothing happened!

I registered the command, he became a moderator, but does not respond to chat commands

But at the same time, I see that the commands are reflected on the Nightbot website, that is, they see commands and messages, but do not give feedback

Ah, I see, then this must be the issue:

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