Trouble with pastebin

I am trying to make a random pun generator for my chat, when I try to use it it says “unexpected identifier” each time

The command I am trying to use to input it is: !addcom -cd=5 !nopunintended $(eval a=$(urlfetch json;a[parseInt(decodeURIComponent($(querystring)))-1]||a[Math.floor(Math.random()*a.length)])

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Hi @bevta! :hugs:

I’m not very good at commands but I see that you didn’t add a split in your command like this:

$(eval responses = $(urlfetch json",");

This is what my pastebin commands all look like and what others are aswell. I also add " (“space) and " (space”) on the bottom of my pastebins. Like this:


I don’t know if this helps. :smile:

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