Trivia through Nightbot

Hello everyone,

I have an idea that I’m not sure has been implemented, or if it has then I have not found it. In short, I want to add a trivia command to my Nightbot that can be called every 10 minutes through the default Nightbot timer. I’ve used evals and other detailed commands, but not a server list, like for a trivia.

The trivia needs to:

  1. Have the very first line be a default for reseting, as needed.
  2. The first line does not get called by the bot as a trivia question.
  3. Have a format for the question, the answer, and some point system.
  4. The bot listens to all chat input until the correct answer is given.
  5. Once the question is answered and it is not time (mod) 10, then call default–to prevent multiple valid responses.
  6. Need the ability to add more questions with answers with the set format.
  7. Need the ability to edit questions with answers with the set format.
  8. If the scoring system cannot be incoroporated with StreamElements or Twitch Points, can be independent through some sort of Nightbot Leaderboard.
  9. If a leaderboard is implemented, should have the chatter with most points at the top.
  10. If a leaderboard is implemented, should be able to be reset on demand.

NOTE: time (mod) 10 is, for example, at the top of the hour, 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 after the hour.

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the only way nightbot would keep track of user input is if you had a giveaway running. So before I answer the rest are you willing to manually set up a giveaway and add the winner to a list every 10 minutes?
Actually I will note that it may be possible if they are required to put something proceeding it like !answer

Wouldn’t that go back to a DB, like This is what I was thinking of but I have not implemented it in a way where multiple options are obtained out of a single line previously selected. Yes, I wouldn’t mind that (example) if question 17 is selected, then “!answer yes” is set.

This is done by the StreamLabs bot but I just don’t want to add another bot.

Heya! I just finished making an Interactive FAQ & was thinking about making a trivia game next. For adding more questions --will only you (or a small group of trusted individuals) be adding questions or do you want any user participating to be able to add questions?

hmmm… that’s a good question. I feel like it should stay as a mod/broadcaster change. Wouldn’t want random viewers adding “troll” questions.

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No one has an idea of how to do this?

Not with a simple command, this is a very specific request. You can use $(urlfetch) to setup a self hosted script that interacts with Nightbot and build this system yourself.

Can someone guide me on how I can work on setting this up myself, if it is complex? I would’ve added a sample if I knew where to start.

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