Triggering Nightbot via other bots

I mod for a few streamers on Twitch, and over the past year, have implemented a few more complex command chains that involve Nightbot and other bots (mainly StreamElements). I do this because neither bots can do multi-line responses, or one bot triggers off of streamer events (stream start, follows, subs etc), so I essentially daisy-chain the responses.
However, recently I’ve found that Nightbot no longer respond to at least StreamElements - a command I personally type will get a response from Nightbot, but the identical one by StreamElements would not trigger. From Nightbot’s logs, it is definitely seeing all messages.
Is there a way to control this ignore list, or some workaround to force it to respond?


Hey @highwind_hw!

Nightbot stopped answering other bots to prevent spam, some users with bad intent were using that loophole to have a permanent chain of messages in their chat in order to promote various grifts.
I hope you understand.

If you’re looking for a way to send multiple messages tho’, have a look at this API.

Hi Emily,
Thank you for the quick reply! I can definitely see that there is scope for abuse, though personally I would have thought some form of throttling or response limit per user would be more effective as any username can be controlled by a bot and scripted. I will explore alternatives with some of the things I want to do within the current framework.
And thank you very much for the API - I will definitely look into using it for some of my automation!

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