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Im really bad when it comes to figuring out what to use to create commands so I hope to find some help here!

I’m trying to have a command triggered whenever someone types the word “Commission” in chat. The command is supposed to have my Carrd Link in it so they can immediately check out my prices etc.

Thanks for the help in advance! :3

Hi @fishiestfishfish, So you want to know how to add a custom command that sends a link every time someone types a trigger word?
Well, In chat type !addcom commission (link goes here)
or go to Nightbot - Commands: Custom and click “:+Add Command” In the top right corner.

Remember you do not need to have an “!” before each command name :slight_smile:

I suggest having a quick read of the docs or watching a few short YouTube videos on how to use nightbot so you can easily do it yourself :slight_smile: Nightbot Docs / SETUP NIGHTBOT In 8 Minutes (2022 Tutorial) - YouTube
Also be sure to set a category for your posts, in this case, the nightbot tag should do, but also search the forums before posting :slight_smile:

Quick note, because I think you’re expecting something specific: the word “commission” must be the message’s first word for the command to be executed, Nightbot doesn’t execute commands if the keyword is in the middle of a sentence. If you notice a common question about commission, you can set up a command like this one.

Oh sorry this is my first time posting and I must have missed the category :-:

First of all, I didnt know you DONT need an “!” in the beginning. Thats cool!

I also mightve worded it poorly. I did want the command to trigger whenever someone mentions the word commission. For example:

“Do you do Commissions?
Are you open for Commissions?
Is this a Commission? etc.”

but as far as I understand this is not possible?

Yup, this isn’t possible as of now, sorry.
The current solution is creating a command like I suggested, those commands would cover all the examples you gave:

!addcom do $(eval `$(query)`.toLowerCase().includes(`commission`)?`YOUR_RESPONSE`:` `)
!addcom are $(eval `$(query)`.toLowerCase().includes(`commission`)?`YOUR_RESPONSE`:` `)
!addcom is $(eval `$(query)`.toLowerCase().includes(`commission`)?`YOUR_RESPONSE`:` `)
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