Transfer the reply to a link "arw"

I am really sorry if this question repeats. However, I am Arab. I have difficulty understanding everything accurately. I have a simple question.
I would like someone to say “hello” and Nightbot responds with “hello user” I want to add the reply in the arw link as it is in the picture.

This method did not work for me, I want to know the correct way to do this
And thanks for this great blog, I learned a lot. :heart:

Hey @vs_boom!

Why not simply put the following in the Message box?

Hello $(user)

You don’t need to use a Pastebin for a command this simple.

Actually, I would like to try a lot of things, but I wrote a simple example for illustration only
I was planning something bigger

Simply, I want Nightbot to commands the orders in the URL And handle it naturally
for example $(user) and $(1)

Okay, I see, then the solution would be the following:

$(eval $(urlfetch

Paste the command code in the Pastebin, however you’ll have to set up your variables before, so if you want to use $(user) in the command for example, that’s how you’ll have to do it:

$(eval u=`$(user)`;$(urlfetch

//Then use `u` to refer to `$(user)` in your code stored in the Pastebin.
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Also, you got the Right-hand side of 'instanceof' is not an object error because as Hello ${u} is text, you have to declare it properly, so use ', " or ` to specify it’s text, so your Pastebin example should contain the following to work:

`Hello ${u}`
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