$(touser) bug? or Intended?

[Summary] ‘!addcom !test touser=$(touser)’ → ‘!test error’ → ‘touser=error’

[Google Translation] When entering a command with $(touser), if there is a word in $(1), $(1) is printed instead of $(touser). If you create a command such as’!addcom !test touser=$(touser)’ and enter the command ‘!test error’ in chat, the sentence ‘touser=error’ is displayed. Is this a bug or is it intended?

[Original text] $(touser)이 들어간 명령어를 입력할 때 $(1) 에 단어가 있다면 $(touser) 대신 $(1) 가 출력됩니다. 만약 당신이 ‘!addcom !test touser=$(touser)’ 와 같은 명령어를 만들고 채팅창에 ‘!test error’ 라는 명령어를 입력한다면 ‘touser=error’ 라는 문장이 출력됩니다. 이것은 버그인가요 아니면 의도된 것인가요?

Touser is essentially the exact same as $(1) other than that it filters out “@“ symbols

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