Tournament match count

I’m wondering if it’s possible to create a tournament style command that would be able to be activated by hypothetically doing !tourney t8 bo3 for it to do a 8 team tournament in a best of 3 format and be able to then do !tourney w for a map win or !tourney L for a map loss in the style of this thread Wager Map Count - #5


it cannot make that layout, if that’s what u mean

Hey @canigetahoooyaaa!

For something this advanced you’ll need to build your own external API.

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Hey @Emily I had figured as much sadly, you wouldn’t perchance know anyone that may be able to assist with building one would you?

it wouldn’t be to make the layout but to follow this format in a chatbot command based on results

I’m sorry, but no. :confused: If I was less busy I’d offer my help, but I have absolutely zero free time as of late.

no worries - if you get some free time come available i’d greatly appreciate any help lol

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