Total Hours Streamed Command?

I have been curious to know if anyone has ever come up with a command that could grab the total amount of hours streamed over the course of your whole streaming career. I had asked a dev from Streamelements and they seem to have been able to do it with a bot and the Twitch Tracker website that has the total hours. Just curious if there was a way to do this through through web scrapping or some way for moderators to be able to make a command like this in chat.

Hey @KCN!

I’ve tried to find Twitch Tracker’s internal API, but didn’t have much luck at that, maybe I missed it and someone else will find it, but without it, we can’t do what you’re looking for.

Thank you for your reply! I see what you mean. I wasn’t able to find it either but I was told that I would have to register an application in order to get the Twitch API if that makes sense? I’m still pretty new to all of this. This was mainly supposed to be for a streamer that I mod for so I’m not sure if I should submit an application myself or if he needs to be the one to do so. Thanks again for the reply!

I also looked through the Twitch API documentation, and I didn’t find something that would have helped you here: there’s no endpoint that returns the total amount of hours streamed, so I don’t even know how the tracker websites are able to track it, however, it seems the amount varies from website to website, so my guess would be that they track it themselves, and it depends on the date they started.

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